EAP Spring Newsletter and Annual Report

The Spring edition of the Ealing Allotments Partnership newsletter with report on the AGM and accompanying presentations, news on developments at the Northfield site, entry to the allotment categories of Ealing-in-Bloom, details of a new pest to look out for, article on non-cultivation rule, plus a Site Profile and news of current activities around the Local Associations.

All EAP newsletters can be obtained from the EAP website here:

The Annual Report by Chris Welsh – on Council plans and activities on Ealing allotments is here:


How to submit a show entry

We’ve had a number of enquires about how to enter the show.
If you have “Excel” you should be able to download this file: https://greenfordhaaga.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/show-entry-form.xlsx
You can enter your details and then print it out.

Alternatively you can print out this pdf: https://greenfordhaaga.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/show-entry-form.pdf and write in your details using a pen!

Note that in both cases, the form downloads contain two entry forms. Feel free to cut it down the middle and give the other entry to a friend. All the class details and number are contained in the show schedule here: https://greenfordhaaga.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/show-schedule-2017-2018-single-page-format-v2.pdf

Good Luck Everybody!

April Showers in March?

The gardening year is arriving rapidly! Our first show is just a month away (8th April) and our AGM is Sunday week (19th March). The calendar on our site should be showing all our upcoming events. An electronic copy of out 2017 & 2018 show booklet has been uploaded to the site (Look for “Competitions and Shows” in the site menu) but there are still plenty of printed copies available for free in the hut. We have big plans for 2017 and beyond – please do attend our AGM to find out more. Hope to see you there.

Winter EAP newsletter now available

The Ealing Allotment Partnership newsletter is now available.
Accompanying text follows:
Hello everybody,

The winter edition of the newsletter is attached. I would particularly draw your attention to the update on the current threat to build on Northfields allotments. Christina Fox, the chair of their local allotment association, explains how we as fellow-allotmenteers can help in the fight against this proposal. This is not the first threat of development on allotment land in Ealing and it is unlikely to be the last. Next time it may be your site and as such rallying round and supporting Northfields is in all our interests! So please sign up to their petition on http://www.ealingdean.co.uk/

Other items include news on a joint EAP-Council initiative to fund composting toilets on Ealing allotment sites, information on entry to the allotment section of the coming year’s Ealing-in-Bloom competition plus the usual site profile and local association news.

For those who would prefer a Word copy of the newsletter, it is available for download from the EAP website at http://www.ealingallotmentspartnership.co.uk/index.php/news/26-eap-newsletter

Finally, Ascott have a supply of very reasonably priced oil-drum incinerators – click on the attachment for details and if possible put a copy of the flyer up your site noticeboard for others to see.

Happy reading,

Patrick Williams,
Newsletter Editor

The flyer for the incinerators is

January 2017 newsletter

This issue includes reminders about 25% or Thompson & Morgan seeds with no postage charges but you’ll need to get your orders in by 22nd Jan so get your skates on. The recently arrived potatoes are going fast. There’s details of our upcoming shows, site news and much more.

You can see all our recent newsletters via the “Reference…” menu.