Competitions and Shows

Three times a year, we hold a competition and stage a show. Spring, Summer and Autumn. Do try to make it along to the shows. In addition to the beautiful blooms and  tempting produce, there are fine examples of cakes and bakes, jams and preserves and handicrafts. There are also special categories to allow the children in your family to show their creative side.

In addition, the shows usually include sales of handicrafts, plants and there is always a thriving business for the tea, coffee and cakes.

Printed copies of the show schedule for 2017 & 2018 are available in the members garden centre. An electronic copy is here: show schedule 2017-2018 single page format v2

Competition entries are always very welcome but you will have to be a current member of H.A.A.G.A and for most competition categories, there is a nominal fee just to help cover costs for the hall, prizes, etc..

To enter the show, you’ll also need to fill out an entry form.
If you have “Excel” you should be able to download this file:
You can enter your details and then print it out.

Alternatively you can print out this pdf: and write in your details using a pen!

Note that in both cases, the form downloads contain two entry forms. Feel free to cut it down the middle and give the other entry to a friend.

Good Luck!



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