Monthly Archives: January 2016

The proud owners of new toilets

With the help from funding from the North Greenford Ward Forum were are the proud owners of some new composting toilets at our main Horsenden site. This will enable us to finally be able to open up our community projects to both younger and older local residents – for whom our previous spider ridden, pitch black facility with no windows (which required an Indiana Jones style attack on the ivy everytime you dared to venture in) was just not suitable. We purchased our new acquisitions from Dunster House – – and even though we only have one up at the moment it’s looking a much nicer, well lit, more civilised place to venture in that time of need!! If anyone is thinking of buying a toilet for their site and would like to pop along to check ours out, it’s on our Whitton Place site (adjacent to 415 Whitton Avenue East) which is open on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 12noon. 

New composting toilets


Allotment Volunteer Dates 2016

Since we have taken on the general running of the 3 allotment sites – one of our tasks is to upkeep the ‘communal’ areas – paths, entranceways etc. In order to do this we have volunteer mornings the first Saturday of every month – for just 2 hours (10:00am – 12noon) – starting in March.

We ask that all allotment plot holders help out on a few of these events so that the allotment sites remain in a good state and are a pleasant/safe and well maintained place for you to be able to work and enjoy.

The following dates are set out for 2016 – the first 3 dates March, April & May are to be held at Whitton Drive site – where we will be creating a ‘communal’ area with shelter, seating, toilets etc to make it a more user friendly site.

Refreshments are always provided and they are always a pleasant event to take part in. So even if you are not an allotment plot holder but are someone who would like a bit of exercise in the fresh air, friendly conversation and satisfaction at having achieved something – then you are more than welcome to come and help out – just wear some suitable clothing and bring some gardening/work gloves.

Thank you!