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Community Garden – February and September

I know we’ve shown a few of the new Community Garden lately, in full use and being thoroughly enjoyed, as it was intended – but it’s nice to be reminded where we started… only as far back as February!

Garden Before and After


NCS Inspiring Youth visit

A couple of weeks ago we had a group of young adults join us at the allotments for a few days to help out as part of the National Citizen Service scheme. They were tasked to help refresh communal areas within the main allotment site – focusing on woodwork and metalwork such as doors to the trading hut, benches & seats on the community plot etc. Whilst they were with us they also had a go at Bee Keeping, Mulberry & Blackberry picking (to enable us to make jam to raise funds), helped some of the allotment tenants with various tasks on their plots and generally got involved with the upkeep of the site. They so enjoyed day 1 that they arrived an hour or two early the subsequent days – that’s keen – and were generally the nicest bunch of young adults we’d had the pleasure to work with. We thanked them at the end with a BBQ and they gave us a card which everyone had signed saying what an amazing time they’d had – even asking if they could come back and help another time outside of the NCS scheme! It was enjoyed by both them and us alike and we look forward to hosting more NCS groups in the future.

NCS Inspiring Youth visit 2015