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Autumn Show 2014


I’m hopeful we’ll have a full write up on this popular, well attended show but in the meantime, here are some pictures kindly taken by John and Susan. Click on any of the images to enter the gallery mode.



NCS visit

NCS_1a NCS_4a NCS_5a NCS_7a NCS_9aOn September 2nd there was a visit from the NCS students to Horsenden Allotments Association. We met at Whitton Place Allotment which is where HAAGA is based. There were 12 students and one mentor.

They were given a run down of our objectives and aims and the project they were being involved with on the allotment side of things. We also explained the role HAAGA (Horsenden Allotments and Garden Association) plays in the Allotments. They were given a brief history and the shows were explained to them and our links with the RHS. They were shown around the allotment and the area they were going to be working on.

One plot had been allocated a Community plot and the plot needed to be cleared to put in ” the Dorchester” of chicken runs and at the rear of the plot a greenhouse and growing beds was planned for the local schools to visit.
All of the NCS students lived in the Boroughs of Ealing and Harrow and were aged between 17 to 18. There were a few who lived quite near the allotments.
The NCS students were then coming on the 7th September for a days work at the allotment.
On Friday 5th I received a call from the NCS Coordinator to the effect, could we accommodate an extra 12 students. We could, so arrangements were made for them to arrive at 11am on the Sunday.
I had to rope in some extra help and organise a schedule of work on various areas in the allotment. Bearing in mind that many of us had just organised and taken part in the Autumn show at All Hallows’ Church Hall on Saturday and that the HAAGA garden centre was open for trading.
Sheila and Adrian took one group off and started clearing the drive into the allotment and cleared an area where the wood chip was going to be stored. Fatima took a group of 5 onto her plot and Milly ( our chair lady ) and Andres took the rest onto the “chicken plot”.
In the background we had Eddie, Margaret and Brenda who organised the tables, biscuits and drinks and gave directions to the toilet!
I won’t say another word about the reception our porta-loo got!
With the students came three mentors who I think did as much if not more than the students they were mentoring and appeared to enjoy the day of hard work.

Even better we had a lovely sunny day!

Apart from “what’s that… A snake!! Or ” I hate spiders” and “these red ants hurt when they sting you!!” I don’t know who were more scared, the slow worms or the spiders. Anyway we were quite pleased with the amount of effort (and the noise) that they put in. We cleared half the plot by lunch time.
They had all brought food for lunch but Andreas, an Italian chef, and his wife went home and came back with loads of Italian food and nearly all of the veg was from the allotment hallelujah !!!
After lunch we completed the clearing of the plot and entrance drive and the students then went around other plots with the plot holders.
Before they left the allotment we had laid out a table with, quite a large, selection of vegetables for them to take home. (I presume their parents would do the cooking)
Most of the students enjoyed their time on the allotments and some, who needed to make up hours asked if the could return to the allotments and make up any time here. It was agreed that this was feasible with permission from the NCS Co-ordinator.

The NCS Co-ordinator sent us a Thank you note which is shown below:

Hi Joseph.

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you for hosting a project day at the allotment last weekend. I am glad you enjoyed the day because our young people definitely did. They all came back talking about their day, and how fun it was – especially the great food at lunch. My staff members also commented on how helpful and friendly the allotment volunteers were when interacting with the young people.
I have attached a thank you sheet made by the team. NCS ThankYou
In terms of the details you wanted – they are all 16-17 and from the Harrow/Ealing Boroughs. The program is fully inclusive to everyone, so some of the young people are going on to further education and some are not. You are welcome to use those photos, but I will have to check with the team in case there is someone who does not want to be included. I will do that this weekend. Also, a copy of this write up once it is done would be great.
I am so grateful for your co-operation through-out the summer. Your involvement is vital in the making the NCS program a success, and we hope to work with you again next year if not before.
Kind Regards
Sammi Efford

Free Beer

Ok, not beer really, but we’ve been contacted by the Weird Beard Brew Co (Boston Manor) to see if our association would like to take their spent hops for composting services. They can provide the spent hops in white bags. If there is enough interest, we may be able to organise a collection and delivery to one or some of the three sites.

If you are interested please contact Joe or talk to us in the hut.