Ealing in Bloom

We have been awarded in two categories for Ealing in Bloom this year. Well done all!


Grape and Honey Farm News – Greystar and R. Collard helping out

The Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm has been proceeding well recently after a few false starts caused by the confusing weather at the start of the year. But now the grapes are in and are doing well. The roadway was started but then was paused as some problems became apparent. At one point, a large lorry became stuck on the slope and it was only due to the skill of the driver and the intervention of a tractor that it was able to return to the safety of the road! These problems were all to do with safe access to the site.
So, a couple of manhole covers had to be replaced and the crossover/slope to the top entrance needed some considerable amount of work leveling it with some concrete. It should now be safe for the 100 tonne lorries to enter the site properly and be able to deliver the further hardcore and “finings” we need to make the roadway good and so enable us to bring the two buildings and two composting toilets to the base of the site. In time, we expect the “highway 13” work on Whitton avenue east will provide a slightly widened entrance and that the steps and pedestrian access be improved and we have received some assurances from local councillors that this will indeed be done.

The grape and honey farm is all about bringing people together and making our local facilities better and we are proud to work with the council, local groups, local people and commercial companies and are more than happy to give credit when it is due.

The material for the roadway is being kindly provided by Greystar and R. Collard are providing the logistics bring it to our site so a big thank to Greystar and R. Collard!


R. Collard